DIY means Do It Yourself >>

Build your own electronic instrument, effect device or noise toy!

noisio workshops have been held for several years at large and small festivals, in museums, clubs, schools and makerspaces. In addition to practical skills in handling electronics, the main focus is on having fun making things and exchanging ideas with other participants.
The smaller kits are suitable for first soldering experiences, such as the Motörbörd - an electromechanical bird call generator that supplies itself with energy via a motor as a dynamo, or the Photonotron - an optical theremin based on recycled TV speakers. In addition to the kits for children (the youngest participant was 4 ... the oldest over 60 years old:) there is the possibility to build one or more noisio synthesizers. Very popular is the ATtiny Punk Console, which is characterised by its minimalistic design and at the same time offers a wealth of sounds that can be programmed via the smartphone. This can be built on site in a good hour under the guidance of Steffen Koritsch. Or the medium-complex 10-voice Levitation Oscillator with its diverse sound possibilities.

All kits have been tested many times and started with the guarantee that they will work in the end (Rule #1: Happy participiants!).


All that is needed to run a workshop is a dry space with tables, seating and mains power. All necessary tools and materials are brought along. It is possible to arrange special and favourable edu-conditions in advance.
A special highlight has proven to be a combination with a concert afterwards, in which Steffen Koritsch performs - e.g. as a duo with the drummer and theatre musician N.M. Weishaupt as Makroplastik or solo as Jack Noise Syndrome (Sounds). Participants and anyone interested can thereby experience the range of noisio instruments live and perhaps even try out their previously self-built synth in a follow-up jam.


You are welcome to make enquiries by e-mail or via the contact form.