Noise... a sequence of random states from the given set of available possibilities

Steffen Koritsch is a website by Steffen Koritsch. As an artist, musician, electronics engineer and programmer, I live and work in Dresden's Neustadt district and run a studio + workshop there. The name noisio is label for a series of self-developed synthesizer kits and is composed of Noise, the noise with its fast sequence of unpredictable states, and I/O = Input and Output.

In addition to my own exhibitions and projects, over the years I have realised commissions for museums, ensembles, musicians & artists. My field of work includes:

  • circuit and PCB-design
  • individual unit to small series development and manufacture
  • design and realisation of sound & light installations
  • workshops, lectures, concerts
  • audio + visual coding (Processing, Pure Data, Max/MSP/Jitter)
  • microcontroller programming + implementation
  • hacking/ modding/ repair (#fixed) of amplifiers & effects units

For inquiries, ideas, comments I can be reached via the Contact page.