Maybe the smallest LFO (Low Frequency Generator) and envelope generator module (ADSR) in one. 68mm x 45mm, 5V-level. Powered by ATBase or to use standalone with USB to stereo mini jack adapter.
The LFO/EG can be operated as a 5 volt low frequency oscillator or envelope generator. You can set the mode by pressing the button at startup. In LFO-mode 5 waveforms are available: Square, Sine, Triangle, Ramp-Up, Ramp-Down. Furthermore, speed, modulation depth and bias (average value) can be set. As an envelope generator, the module can process the classic parameters attack, decay, sustain and release. The signal can be triggered via the gate input or the button. The LFO/EG can either be connected directly to the ATBase via the red jack or can be used standalone with any CV capable device and a USB to mini jack adapter.

Status: v2 kit

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solder instructions

notes on powered CV signal flow